10 students have been learning about themselves and about the others through the medium of photography for 4 days. This is the project “The Variety of My Life”, created by a group of young people.

They want to gather 10 students at different ages, from different walk of life and social status, and to help them work together.

The 10 paticipants are from 131 High School “Kliment Arkadievich Timiriazev” Sofia and for the realization helps Theodor Hoist Koleg from “Robert Bosh” Foundation.

As a part of the project within 4 days I tought the 10 students basic photographic tachniques, helped them develop their personal skills and abilities, to learn how to work together

to see the other person not only through the lens but also beyond the eyes.

Ultimately, for my amazement, they made quite good pictures, which were exhibited at the Goethe Institute in Sofia from 14 to 21 April 2011.

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